Floriferous: Peaceful Game Series

Floriferous card game box

Floriferous game description from BoardGameGeek: “YOUR GARDEN AWAITS: Spend the afternoon in your Floriferous garden. Relax while enjoying this elegant game of strolling through your garden and collecting flowers. Find joy in the abundance of nature. Find the most joy by collecting flowers and pairing them with abundance, desire, and mastery cards.

Floriferous is played over three days, which are divided into five turns. Each turn, a player moves one step through the garden. After each move, the player picks up a flower or desire card. After three days, players sum their scores for their desires, mastery, and points earned during the game. The player with the most points wins.”

Player count: 1 – 4 players

Playing time: 20 minutes

Complexity: Low

MSRP: $24.99

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Floriferous game cards

Why Floriferous is a peaceful game:

I found the theme of Floriferous to be very calming. In the game, you are strolling through a garden with the goal of finding the most joy by picking flowers. The artwork for all of the cards is done in a lovely watercolor style that is gentle on the eyes.

It is a competitive game, but I found the competition to be laid back and mostly indirect. The gameplay helps guide your decision-making by giving you only a few options each turn, which provides an easygoing flow to the game.

At the end of the game, you can compare your score to a table in the rulebook that tells you “your mood” for the game. Your mood could be “cool as a cucumber” or maybe you’ve reached “nirvana.” I thought this was a nice touch to the game that compliments its overall relaxing feeling.

Floriferous card game box reverse

Goodness of fit:

I think Floriferous would be a good fit for anyone looking for a lighter complexity nature-themed game with a short playtime. It would also be a great choice for someone who is new to “hobby” board games because of the low complexity and the welcoming theme of picking flowers.

Have you played Floriferous? What do you think are the most peaceful aspects of it? Let me know in the comments below!

This post is part of my peaceful game series where I discuss tabletop games that I believe have a noteworthy amount of peaceful qualities. Click here to read the next entry in the series: Unsurmountable.


4 responses to “Floriferous: Peaceful Game Series”

  1. Hi Alex,
    I totally agree with your review of the game. Floriferous is fun and soothing while still being a little competitive. It is the perfect game for a quiet afternoon with friends and cups of tea.

  2. I agree, Floriferous is such a pleasant game, both aesthetically and mechanically – interesting competitive choices, but it doesn’t feel like the players are in bitter conflict. I really love the watercolor art, especially on the flower cards. I feel like I really could be content with just staring at those cards for an extended period.

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