Lands of Galzyr: Game of the Year 2022

We’ve almost reached the end of 2022, and that means many people are talking about their favorite game releases from this past year. Instead of making a top-ten list, I want to talk about a single game from 2022: Lands of Galzyr. Lands of Galzyr is quite different from the games I normally play. I…

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My Top 5 Cozy Board Games

With the start of autumn in the northern hemisphere and the weather cooling off for many of us, more time is going to be spent indoors. This time of year often brings about feelings of coziness as we sit around the fire and wrap ourselves in blankets. As a result, I thought this would be…

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Copperdale: Print-and-Play Series

I’ve been playing a lot of single-page print-and-play games recently, such as Sunshine City and Aquamarine. One thing all of these games have in common is that they use the roll-and-write mechanism to progress the game. So, when I heard about a new single-page print-and-play game called Copperdale that uses the flip-and-write mechanism with a…

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Making Laminated Print-and-Play Cards

I’ve been dabbling in print-and-play games for a little while, but I recently saw a YouTube video that inspired me to take my print-and-play skills to the next level. This video by print-and-play master Martin Gonzalvez demonstrates how to make laminated print-and-play cards. By following all of his steps, the cards have a similar look…

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Cascadia: Peaceful Game Series

Cascadia recently won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres (game of the year) award for the best family game of 2022. Before receiving this award, Cascadia had already caught my attention for being set in the region where I live, the Pacific Northwest. As a result of both the award and thematic setting, I was very…

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