Hello and welcome to Green Gourd Games!

My name is Alex, and I’m the creator of this tabletop game studio. Currently, I’m its sole member with support from my friends and family.

I’ve been playing games for most of my life. It started out with video games, but in 2015, my focus has primarily been on tabletop games. I first got into game design in early 2022 when there was a change in my life situation. It started as a whim but grew into a creative outlet I fell in love with, which lead me to form this studio.

Alex, creator of Green Gourd Games

Creating peaceful tabletop games

My goal is to create games with peaceful themes and mechanisms, and my first game Mandala Mind is an exploration in doing that. This idea came about because of my interest in other forms of peaceful entertainment. What I mean by “peaceful” entertainment is entertainment that is positive and uplifting with minimal tension or drama. A great example is the World of Calm TV series.

Are you new to hobby board games?

I want the games I create to be welcoming for those new to the hobby. I encourage you to reach out if you ever need support with your gaming-related questions.

​​Playtesting opportunities are available

Playtesting opportunities for my games are available if you would like to volunteer. Please send me an email at contact@greengourdgames.com to let me know you are interested.

Would you like to follow along?

I have a monthly e-newsletter with game updates, information about the latest blog posts, and other relevant content. You can subscribe here.

Origins of the studio name

I came up with the name Green Gourd Games one night while I was washing dishes. Earlier in the day I had been trying to come up with a unique name for this studio without any success.

At one point, I looked over at this gourd birdhouse my mom had made and thought, “gourd, that’s a unique word!” I also liked the idea of alliteration in a name, so I brainstormed for a bit until Green Gourd Games popped into my head. I love how each word starts with the letter g, has one syllable, and is made up of five letters.

gourd birdhouse

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