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Hi, I’m Alex, the creator of Green Gourd Games.

I design tabletop games with peaceful themes and mechanisms. You can learn more by visiting my about page, read my latest blog post, and get in touch using my contact form.

Upcoming Games

Mandala Mind: The Card Game box
Mandala Mind: The Card Game

Latest Blog Posts

  • Aquamarine: First Impressions

    Aquamarine: First Impressions

    Print-and-play roll-and-write games have become very popular recently on Kickstarter. Postmark Games led the way with this trend with their first game, Voyages, where you navigate a ship around a hexagon-filled map. Now Postmark Games have released their second print-and-play game titled Aquamarine. In Aquamarine, you dive below the ocean surface to make discoveries and,…

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  • Kittens + Beasts (The Isle of Cats): My Favorite Expansions

    Kittens + Beasts (The Isle of Cats): My Favorite Expansions

    One of my favorite expansions is Kittens + Beasts for The Isle of Cats. In Kittens + Beasts, kitten and beast tiles are added to the game (surprise, surprise). Kittens are smaller than cats, so they take up less space on your boat, enabling you to fill difficult spaces. Beasts want to be friends with…

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  • ROVE: First Impressions

    ROVE: First Impressions

    I recently played ROVE: Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer for the first time! ROVE is an 18-card wallet game from Button Shy Games where you control a robot on an unknown planet. You aim to complete seven different missions in a row by moving six module cards around in a specific pattern.

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